Pkt weather not updating

Got a C530IP and returning it Sound for ringing, you must be in the room Earpiece sound average Buttons just ridiculously small, especially the centre control ones. Now has anyone got the cisco cordless version or another I want bigger buttons, simple to use.

Depending on how you have your LAN environment configured, you might need to hunt around a bit for the dynamically assigned IP address of the base station.

I believe accessing the base station's settings are done in a similar fashion to routers.. SEPECATJaguar need to hunt around a bit for the dynamically assigned IP address of the base station.

Features the C530 has that the C610 does not have: Address book with 200 entries (C610 has a Phone book with 150 entries, note not address book)Standby time 320h talk time 14h (C610 is 180h standby and 12h talk time)Codec G.729AB (C610 doesn't mention it)Ringer melodies 30 (C610 has 20) Features the C610 has that the C530 does not have: Recording time up to 50 min. will still be using my dect Panasonic system on the uni-v port so I don't want the Gigaset answering as well. I presume you can get the C530A IP to answer either Analog or Vo IP lines? It's ordered but won't be here till next week (hopefully) and I am sitting here searching whirlpool and finding all the posts where people had trouble!!!

(C530 is only 30min)Automatic redial function in handsetjumbo fonts Up to 4 personalized SMS in-boxes Dimentions are different, C530 is 7mm longer 1mm less wide and thick. Seems connecting to the web interface via a browser give more control over the setup!

The site has C530IP (no AM) @ $207.90 - Bit pricey! Connection name or number = Vo IP on ii Net Authentication name = "# ii Net gave me including area code and no spaces"Authentication Password= "one supplied by iinet"Username = "same # as above"Display name = "same # as above"Domain = Proxy Server = Server Port = 5060Registration Server = au Reg.

Also Aust/NZ version of the Quick setup pdf is available on Aust. Argos in UK have the C530A @ $125 AUD and I suppose there would be others with lower prices!!?? Server Port = 5060Refresh Time = 300STUN enabled = No STUN Port = 3478STUN refresh = 240NAT refresh = 20Outbound Port = 5060Network Protocol = Automatic When I SET I get "Registration Failed" Appreciate any ideas or Help EDIT: Got it registered, I had forgot to Port Forward 5060 in my router That shouldn't be necessary and creates a security risk.

Additionally anyone who has purchased one of the new C530ip is the difference between it and the C610 worth it.

As I can get a c610 pack with 2 handsets for only a little bit more then one C530ip?

I can only guess that it may be going to the proxy server addr you are using. If not try reducing the register time but I doubt any vsp will accept 30 secs. I can phone mobiles no problem but local calls phone and connect but just dead at each end although the screen says connected by Vo IP!!!!?? Enter your iinet account details , enable debug via options and make a local call. It should give you a clue if you router is blocking responses to outgoing requests. So every time I changed a new setting the phone was not changing the settings. Call quality is great as expected, and there is none of the 'button press delay' issue that occurred with the C470IP. I find the Gigaset compatibility pages slightly confusing or should I say, I doubt their accuracy.

You need to keep refreshing the entry in the nat table which you are doing with nat refresh= 20 secs. For an outgoing call you should see something like this following an outgoing invite.100 trying /401 Unauthorised /Ack/ New Invite with an authentication hdr/ 100 trying/ either180 ringing or 183 session progress/200 ok/ack/ rtp start. I am too quick to save all new passwords into the manager to save time which in this case cost me 2 days of frustration. According to Gigaset: - C470IP C47H = No HDSP (High Definition Sound Performance) (confirmed in my previous setup)- A580IP A58H = HDSP (confirmed in my current setup)- A580IP C47H = No HDSP (confirmed in my current setup)- C530IP A58H = No HDSP mentioned- C530IP C47H = HDSP These results seem somewhat surprising to me as I didn't think the C47H handsets were capable of HD.

You could change the melody to one that "carries" further.

You could take the handset with you when you are working in another room.

I have my C530IP in my home office but when I am in another room I miss calls because the ringer volume even on max does not allow me to hear it.

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