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Additionally, says that, due to population pressures, inferior and more barbaric tribes drove out this more peaceful and advanced civilization.

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Some explanations can be found by reading the Adam and Eve Report and the Garden of Eden Report.

For a more complete understanding, read Chapters 73 through 80 in about Adam and Eve will be provided first because Gobekli Tepe is itself such a mysterious site.

Gobekli Tepe is widely acknowledged as one of the most important and mysterious archaeological sites in the world.

The two main mysteries surrounding Gobekli Tepe are: The artifacts are inconsistent with prevailing theories about the development of civilization because every place else in the world, where ancient civilizations have built structures with enormous stones, there is also evidence of settled communities that practiced herding and agriculture.

recounts that a genetically superior and well-developed herder-farmer civilization existed in this area over 30,000 years ago.

They also explain why this particular civilization experienced a prolonged genetic degradation and, therefore, cultural decline.

Retrogression occurs, but it requires a special explanation: war, changing climate, unwise cultural practices, overpopulation, something.

Gobekli Tepe provides strong evidence of a civilization that was both extremely precocious and also in decline for thousands of years.

Prevailing theories about this region suggest that around 11,000 years ago, primitive man was just beginning to evolve from being a hunter-gatherer to a herder-farmer.

2) One of the peculiar aspects of the construction and art at Gobekli Tepe is that both become less refined over time.

Starting with the Adam and Eve Report provides some background on the genetic issues that are relevant to this report; however, it is not necessary to read that one first in order to understand this one.

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