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a film that paints Stephen and Jane as a very loving pair doing their best in the face of unimaginable struggles. Here’s a breakdown of the truth behind the film’s most crucial moments: Movie: After beginning to date Stephen, Jane finds out that he’s been diagnosed with motor neuron disease from his friend, Brian.

In the book, though, Stephen and Jane’s relationship isn’t so picturesque: It’s riddled with serious issues, ranging from infidelity to troublesome power dynamics, all of which Jane describes in detail. Reality: Jane finds out by accident from her friends, who mention the news in passing.

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“It seemed that the Hawkings considered themselves free of all basic responsibility for Stephen.” Movie: Jane joins the church choir and befriends the choir director, Jonathan, who quickly becomes an important addition to her family.

But at one point, Jonathan has to step away from the Hawking family because his feelings for Jane have grown too strong.

Reality: Stephen’s parents did buy a country cottage and failed to warn Stephen and Jane about the hill and stairs before they arrived.

“I was upset and baffled,” Jane wrote of their visit.

“That the Hawkings were eccentric, even odd, was well known,” Jane says.

“That they were aloof, convinced of their own intellectual superiority over the rest of the human race, was also widely recognized in St.

Jane said there was no way it could be anyone’s baby but Stephen’s, but her answer didn’t satisfy Isobel. “You do not fit into our family.” Movie: Stephen and his nurse, Elaine, get along well—so well that he eventually leaves Jane for her in a sad, but calm, scene.

Reality: While the movie glosses over Elaine and Stephen’s relationship—we assume they’re intimate, but there’s no explicit mention of cheating—Jane is much more clear about his wrongs in her book.

Later, he was put on life support and Jane—who had been camping with Jonathan and the kids before rushing to Stephen’s side—was forced to make a decision about whether or not to remove the ventilator.

Movie: Jane and Stephen don’t share the same beliefs.

Reality: Jane and Jonathan did meet through singing—though it was on a caroling expedition, not at the church.

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