Interracial dating at liberty university

"Basically, we've decided that we can't use that term," said Carl Abrams, a BJU history professor and a longtime member of the faculty.

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Now a modern-looking sign welcomes visitors to the tidy, well-groomed campus.

Most faculty now live off campus and the students look much like they do everywhere.

Male-female boundaries are enforced through a careful system of chaperoned dating, but men and women mingle easily in the student center and across campus. How would it be for a Christian college to send a girl home pregnant? " The university is also dipping a toe in the waters of intercollegiate athletics, something that founder Bob Jones Sr. The university is starting slowly, fielding teams at the high school it operates while its college students have an annual cross-town soccer match with Furman University.

BJU leaders are also weighing alternatives to the "fundamentalist" label that has proudly defined the school (and a wide swath of the Bible Belt) since the 1920s.

-- a liberal arts university dedicated to sending well-rounded, Bible-believing graduates out into the world.

Today, 3,700 students from all 50 states and overseas study everything from economics to philosophy, business to nursing, and even science, though BJU's commitment to "young earth creationism" raises eyebrows outside the school.

For these failures we are profoundly sorry." The transformation is evident in other ways, too.

Long gone are the towering hedges and chain link fences that once kept the world out and the students in.

So you need something else." There has been no resolution to the discussions, but just the prospect of a shift has been enough to make other fundamentalists spew all manner of criticism, with conservative bloggers blasting the "landslide of liberalism" at the school, among the more printable epithets.

BJU has always been something of an outlier in fundamentalist Christianity.

By David Gibson Religion News Service GREENVILLE, S. (RNS) When Bob Jones III recently questioned whether President Obama is a Christian, it was a reminder not only that the fundamentalist leader is controversial but also how little the political world has heard from the man and the rock-ribbed Christian school that bears his name.

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