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"John Mc Cain's response to this discredited book speaks volumes -- he is a George Bush candidate running a Karl Rove campaign with a Dick Cheney sense of humor." Brian Rogers, a Mc Cain spokesman, declined to comment on the book.Aides said the Republican campaign has no intention of coming to Obama's defense on every attack they have no control over -- even though, in the past, Mc Cain has ruled out certain kinds of attacks as inappropriate and not suitable for the kind of positive campaign he wants to run.But that was enough for the Obama campaign to pounce.

The electricity that has surrounded the fight since it was announced in early January filled the air at Beaumont High School as promoter Don King, trainer Kevin Cunningham and Ald.

With the rest of the political universe buzzing about a controversial new book on Sen. Corsi that will debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list this weekend.

Both are records for indoor boxing events, topping Muhammad Ali vs.

The paid admission will be 20,655 and overall attendance will top 22,050, according to Alan Hopper, director of public relations for Don King Productions.

A war-mongering, racist, sexist, hate-filled, old, idiotic, rude, and bigoted man.

Atleast we are safe in this part of the world from Fundamental Islamic Terrorists who are killing innocent people in Asia, intimedating people in UK and other parts of Europe.The ruling MMD has urged its general members and citizens at large to support the newly constituted cabinet.MMD Spokesperson Ben Tetamashimba says the new cabinet deserves the necessary support to deliver to peoples’ expectations. Tetamashimba told ZNBC news in Lusaka, Sunday that President Rupiah Banda has ushered in a cabinet of hard working and dedicated men and women.I rather have 8 more years with bush then john mccain.This is the biggest threat america is being faced with. Mc Cain and his advisers have said nothing about "Obama Nation," an innuendo-filled, mistake-riddled biography written by Jerome R.

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