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– Apple have released i Phone 2.2 software update which appears to fix all known issues with BMW bluetooth and i Phones.

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Note: AOL and Verizon customers who need to update their account settings after AOL's recent change to their server settings should see the section Update your email settings in Outlook for PC.

When checking your encryption settings, make sure they're set to SSL, SSL/TLS, or Auto and not TLS only.

Each Outlook window has a Frame value in their registry key.

To get the main Outlook window back to full size, find and delete the Frame value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\xx.0\Outlook\Office Explorer, where xx is your version of Outlook.

If you have a value called Namespace, delete it as well.

When you reopen Outlook, it will open at full screen and recreate the Fame value the next time you close Outlook.

Recently I configured my i Phone to sync contacts with my Exchange server at work and this PUSHed another 2500 contacts onto my i Phone and suddenly all my contacts appeared on the i Drive.

I suggested to others this might be because I had multiple address books on my i Phone but this theory was soon disproved, I then suggested that it might be because I had a high number of contacts on the i Phone keeping which may change a timeout option somewhere on the i Phone or i Drive.

This is the result of using a high screen resolution on a small screen.

The user can't read the tiny text and changes the display settings to make everything larger.

Ever since Apple brought out i Phone 2.0 software many of us found that the i Phone contacts that used to appear on the BMW i Drive or BMW radio display suddenly disappeared.

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