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In later life she performed "dramatic sketches" in vaudeville.

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Princess Alexandra was generous in never displaying any jealousy about her husband's infidelities and accepted and acknowledged Lillie.

Lillie's liaison with the Prince lasted from late 1877 to June 1880.

She was the sister of Elizabeth Frances Price, who had married Lillie's brother William.

They held their wedding reception at The Royal Yacht Hotel in St. Langtry was wealthy enough to own a yacht, and Lillie insisted that he take her away from the Channel Islands.

Her brothers were Francis Corbet Le Breton (1843–1872), William Inglis Le Breton (1846–1931), Trevor Alexander Le Breton (1847–1870), Maurice Vavasour Le Breton (1849–1881), Clement Martin Le Breton (10 January 1851–1 July 1927), and Reginald Le Breton (1855–1876).

When Lillie died, William was her last surviving brother.Then Mr Miles came and begged me to sit for my portrait.I consented, and when the portrait was finished he sold it to Prince Leopold.Langtry's nickname, the "Jersey Lily", was taken from the Jersey lily flower (Amaryllis belladonna), a symbol of Jersey.The nickname was popularised by Millais' portrait, entitled A Jersey Lily.Langtry was in mourning for her youngest brother, who had been killed in a riding accident, so in contrast to most women's more elaborate clothing, she wore a simple black dress (which was to become her trademark) and no jewellery.

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