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Would you say that developing the album was more of a therapeutic experience for you? Music has been an outlet for me to communicate not just with myself but the world.

When you’re growing and understanding the levels of creativity, sometimes you can’t communicate through conversation, but music is a great medium to express those eclectic and difficult things.

A source told People magazine, “Anna has been hanging out with Michael for weeks.

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."I can see the signs/ Found it right between my eyes/ Had to look a little deeper to see those thoughts weren’t even mine," he laments on the four-minute track, which finds the singer grappling with his inner demons over an atmospheric, ominous melody.

After some time away from the music scene, what inspired you to begin creating music again?

She recently opened up to People about the breakup, touching on the public’s reaction.

"It’s understandable that people seemed so invested in our happiness together,” she said.

Music has never been something that I stopped doing, I just think I evolved more.

After securing hits like "Just A Friend 2002" and "Let Me Love You," you’ve matured over the years and have entered your 30s. I feel like music is so important right now, just in terms of the world and where we are -- it’s a soundtrack of the times.

When I released "Let Me Help You," I was more hesitant about that than I am about releasing “Pain Is the New Pleasure,” just because I’m sure about where I’m at as an artist, and the fact that the music that is coming out of my soul is raw and it real.

I’m sure about the content, I’m sure about the lyrics.

For "Pain Is the New Pleasure," you’re peeling back layers to reveal your vulnerability. The song deals with my thoughts and feelings towards self-sabotage, self-love and the experience in relation to the material world we live in.

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