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Some of your sets have been outstanding but for the most part its the same old same old stuff you use to do at phils.Are things ever going to change or are you content to just keep doing the same thing?? I finally decided to post on her forums and leave a comment or two and ask a couple questions. This is my first post after lurking since you opened your new site/forum.After realizing this morning how lame Nikki has become (especially in comparison with her old competition Christina Model) I started checking out her old sets with Phil Flash, way before her gay ass husband started with the photo shop extreme, etc...

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One thing I remember you saying about the site before it even opened was "You are going to see a new adult nikki" but honestly it just seems to pick up where phils site left off.

I understand and realize you took time to have a child and deal with life in general but when is the new nikki going to come out??

I guess people cant ask questions or make suggestions on this board without being dog piled on??? So what is different other than it being her own site now and not PF?? I'll now leave it to someone who knows to answer this for you.

I don't think they're piling on you, not yet anyway. Not to stir the pot further, but there is a tone of a defensiveness that comes through some times in some posts by Nikki and others from the management team of your site. Some of the photos may be risky, but I think you mean risque.

What im not seeing is the more adult nikki that was said to be coming. First off I did not mean to disrespect you if I did, you were just vague so I had to ask.

I said I understood her taking time for her family and also getting away from PF all I want to know is where is this more adult nikki that her site said was coming?? And to answer the second part I think it means that the pictures are more risque which they are because of the angles and the occasional topless pictures.

I guess people cant ask questions or make suggestions on this board without being dog piled on??? You did clarify a little of what you meant by adult Nikki, thank you.

It seems when you read that on the site before it opened maybe you thought it was something more than pictures and content of Nikki "as an adult" vs PF pictures of her when she was a little younger.

So what do you want to see different that is my question to you. Nikki could have easily said ok, fired from PF, baby on the way, modeling days over.

But instead she started her family and then began a new career on her own, modeling and doing cams and videos the way she and Mumz want.

She needs to get over one tit being bigger than the other and at least go topless.

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