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This article endeavors to shift the blame away from the written Scriptures, and place it squarely on the shoulders of those who to this point have been unable to comprehend them.

To rebut the literalist interpretation of the Genesis creation week propounded by the young-earth theorists is a central concern of this article.

If we compare the mathematics of antiquity with that of the seventeenth century, we find differences in a whole range of aspects.

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It is found that a metaphorical relationship exists between the two levels; the heavenly level (upper register) is described in figures drawn from the earthly level (lower register).

As for the seven-day scheme, it belongs to the upper register and is, therefore, to be understood figuratively, not literally.

In this carefully documented book the author encourages evangelical Christians to take an interest in the real data of earth science...

The writings of Robert Boyle advance the thesis that Christianity in seventeenth- century England advocated and facilitated scientific development.

The opening section gives a biblico-theological sketch of the two-register nature of cosmology as presented in Scripture.

The second major section shows how two-register cosmology informs and shapes the treatment of both the space and time dimensions in the Genesis prologue.

At the same time, the exegetical evidence adduced also refutes the harmonistic day-age view.

The conclusion is that as far as the time frame is concerned, with respect to both the duration and sequence of events, the scientist is left free of biblical constraints in hypothesizing about cosmic origins.

Sin is described here as a threat to creation, and a view of atonement stressing the idea of new creation is presented.

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