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There are indications that the Indus people probably used fertility symbols resembling a prototype of the present day Sivalingam in their religious rituals.

But we do not know whom they actually worshipped using the fertility symbols.

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Many prominent rulers of ancient India such as the Kushanas, the Guptas, the Barasivas, the Satavahanas and the Cholas were ardent worshippers of Siva.

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Through devotional singing and public display of religious fervor, they preached the path of devotion (bhaktimarg) to Siva as an effective means to spread their message of divine love and surrender to God and inculcate among people the habit of religious worship and ethical living.

Their activities also helped in containing the influence of Jainism and Buddhism in southern India and reviving the Vedic tradition. Prominent among them were Kannappa, Karaikkal, Sundarar, Manikkavachakar, Nambi Andar Nambi, Sekkilar, Appar and Sundarar.

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