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Livingston married a woman, co-star Rosemarie De Witt, earlier this year, and professes to be happily heterosexual.

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Please include relevant information with your submission, including the show’s premiere date, any special design techniques used in the making of the spot, and whether this is part of an overall rebrand strategy.

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Favreau's script is so raw, you can tell it came from a personal place.

Paid off my student loans, and I bought a Kurzweil PC88 keyboard.

Ron Livingston is "so money" he's gonna show you his "o face," but the star of two of the most beloved cult comedies of the '90s, "Swingers" and "Office Space," is ready to show you his scared face as well in the new doozy of a horror film, "The Conjuring."The affable character actor plays the head of the real-life Perron family, who experienced a lot of ghostly phenomena after moving to an isolated Rhode Island farmhouse.

Livingston sat down with us to discuss paranormal investigators The Warrens, sequel potential, the power of belief and sexy hamsters.

What is the scariest thing you've ever seen on a long drive?

The scariest thing I've ever had about a long drive is almost falling asleep a couple of times.

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