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But something was missing from all this exhibitionism; she craved more; Astrid wanted to go to the next level.

She spent the afternoon in her room, mostly messaging her best friend back home, Amanda, sharing their fantasies and daring each other as usual.

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And again she had taken a few opportunities to expose her breasts and pussy under the water whenever anyone swam below her.

This had included a middle-aged man who, after she had flashed her pussy to him under the water as he hovered beneath her, had come to the surface and pointed downwards to suggest he had something to show her too; she took the invitation and ducked under the water to see his fully erect cock springing from his swimming shorts.

It was a short white silk tunic, embroidered with images of flowers. Anabella cheekily opened Astrid's purse, noting the lubricating jelly and condoms.

It had no buttons or zip at the front, only a sash to tie around the waist plus a clip at each shoulder. She gave the younger woman a knowing look and nodded. But don't worry, your masters will give you what you need.

She told them she would go to the nearby games room where the younger crowd hung out playing pool and video games, even though she had no intention of spending her evening with teens and young inexperienced men.

Secretly she tried to anticipate what adult games she would really be playing later on, up in the party suite.Closing the door behind her she walked over to Astrid's bed, put down the bag then beckoned the younger woman to her.When Astrid came close, the maid grabbed her by the shoulders, moved in close and gave Astrid a passionate kiss full on the mouth.Astrid had described her naughty behaviour at the breakfast buffet and in the lift.Amanda described how she had emulated Astrid's exhibitionism in the clothes store changing room by going to buy some new tennis gear: she had asked the male sales assistant to help her and had tried on a series of skirts and tops, each time flashing him her white underwear until he went bright red, then at the checkout handing him her panties, which were wet from the excitement. Tonight is fancy dress with theme of Roman slave auction. She was going to join their party and see the show of a slave auction.'You're gonna have fun tonight, honey,' said Anabella. ' Astrid smiled, excited but feeling a little trepidation, not quite knowing what to expect. ' Astrid remembered how Anabella had already filmed her having sex with Mike in the beach hut and with Aliona in the massage room - what did they have in mind for her this time?

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