Best porn site for prerecorded webcam

It sometimes really messes with your fap experience, when you're about to see a guy jizz on a chick's face and then... That damn watermark "this video has been uploaded to x Hamster" appears on the chick's face like a motherfucking cockblocker!

Seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea deserves a kick in the balls!

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Remember, you call the shots, and these Asian Babes are submissive and will obey your every command!

Ah, x Hamster, one of the oldest porn tubes on the internet and also one of the best in my book and unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure that many of you will agree with me.

10 years ago gaining access to such a site would have cost you $99 dollars a month.

Today, it is right up there with the best and it's 100 % free. x Hamster does their job well and that's why it deserves a high ranked spot on my list.

In case you don't want the wife to find out you used your credit card on these camwhores, they also accept bitcoins, which guarantees 100 % anonymity.

x Hamster has more videos than you could watch in a lifetime with more added on a daily basis.

You will be in control of your fantasies with this free live porn.

We propose a way to allow you to fully live your dreams and desires in the best way possible.

In case your mother language isn't English, they also have translated the site into multiple other languages making it piss easy for you fuckers to find that smut you're looking for.

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