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When Telban returned in 2001, he couldn't locate them again.

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One man from our team, Sebastian Haraha, is an ethnographer who has come on this journey to pinpoint the exact locations of the Meakambut's caves with a global positioning system.

He hopes to register them under the National Cultural Property Act, so the homeland of the Meakambut will be protected from logging and mining.

Legs and arms but knobby sticks, Lidia Maiyu is curled up close to the campfire. She coughs, her body convulses, and she cries out in pain. Three months ago she gave birth, and the baby died; the group left the body in a cave and moved on.

Pasu Aiyo, Lidia's husband, tells me this is what happens.

This is why Lidia and what's left of her people, the Meakambut, seek refuge in rock shelters—they're dry.

Located high in the cliffs, sometimes requiring a treacherous climb up vines, caves are also natural fortresses that once protected the Meakambut from their enemies: headhunters and cannibals and bride stealers. Now their enemies are less violent yet no less deadly: malaria, tuberculosis.

"When you get sick, you get better or you die." But for the glow from the campfire, it is impenetrably dark.

Never are there stars, as if that would be too much to hope for.

Sullivan, who runs a consulting firm in Papua New Guinea that conducts social assessments for development projects, is studying the region's cave paintings—hand stencils that record generations of inhabitants.

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