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As hosts, it is our responsibility to end the meal before the natives get restless (We operate by the principle of "leave 'em wanting more").

As guests we need to be attuned to social cues and stay until the end, unless that end is seriously delayed or there is a genuine medical emergency.

The branch of army organization does not look on both using the envelopes.

Other employees officials and their spouses are also invited.

Commanding officials and spouses are seated using the family people or within your rows right away at the rear of the family.

How do we strike the proper balance without losing our minds or patience in the process?

Some of the burden for maintaining our savoir faire lies at the feet of our guests. Here are eight common etiquette violations all guests should watch out for.

once the mom and father of both the bride or groom are not in attendance, the commanding officer and partner are seated within your original row or pew.

"Never again" is not supposed to apply to visitors you've recently hosted.

4, Addressing Envelopes • If invited family and friends are people using the military, the recipients’ ranks are included.

deal with the outside envelope producing utilization of complete names and spell out the army rank.

There are guests who stay too long and those who don't stay long enough.

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