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But he came to office promising to change American policy and rhetoric toward the rest of the world, especially America’s historic adversaries in Asia and the Mideast. And as it must, obscurity Swept down to stake its claim. Instead of hemlock, he drank the tea He was judged and found to be Insufficiently insane.

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She’ll be able to keep the conversation on almost any topic, but she understands you if you need to be listened to without saying a word.

Russian and Ukrainian brides are excellent homemakers.

Men have always valued women who are in some way mysterious, and Russian women are what they need in this case.

Being outstandingly good-looking, they are at the same time very modest and tender.

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It’s true that to make a wish come true one has to dream about it and believe this is going to happen.

There is no particular reason why the National Museum of American Jewish History should be located in Philadelphia, rather than, say, Brooklyn, except that it happened to have been founded there in 1976, by members of Congregation Mikveh Israel.

Itself dating to 1740, Mikveh Israel was in the right place and time to become known as “the Synagogue of the American Revolution,” the place where the Founding Fathers would have gone for services, if any of them had been Jewish.

So five years ago, when the museum began planning a new 0 million building within sight of the Liberty Bell—opening on Nov.

26—it made sense to adopt “freedom” as the theme, rather than, say, “comedians” or “delicatessen.” The design by celebrity architect James S.

at the state convention here, becoming one of the first Congressional victims of the surging discontent from the Tea Party-infused Republican right.—The New York Times, May 8Death, as it must to all men, came To Robert Bennett in the name Of Republican purity.

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