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China is still a relatively poor country in terms of its standard of living. The low standard of living allows companies in China to pay their workers less than American workers.

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The lottery money is more focussed on medical science and work on injuries.

BAE Systems have provided help in the science of Taekwondo success, helping deliver Lutalo Muhammad his silver. Superstar effect The stars have been encouraged to inspire the unknowns and delivered in spades. Olympic obsession Who cares about world championships? The kit which Jason Kenny, Laura Trott, Mark Cavendish and Co wore at London 2012 has been withdrawn from them until now, while most other nations will have worn theirs multiple times. “The shiny stuff comes out and we see people we haven’t seen for four years,” Jason Kenny said of this Olympic obsession.

All have been given a presentation kit including a commemorative card with a list of all the Olympic team members on.

All athletes receive a podium jacket, which is presented by chef de mission Mark England, to be worn if they medal. For other nations the Olympics is simply a group of sporting federations coming together, with no consistent identifier in the kit.

Then the British Embassy in Rio provided a list of firms who might get the problem sorted.

The British team have found laborious transfers between the four Olympic venues frustrating at times.

Being a team All athletes have had a form of the Team GB livery worked into their kit.

All have had a Union Flag cushion and doormat adorning their Olympic Village flat.

Other problems have included the availability of good food and access to a 24-hour training facility.

A teller counts Chinese Yuan banknotes at a bank in Shanghai, China, on February 1, 2008.

Money An 18-year investment of National Lottery money is the fundamental reason for success.

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