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I will bring your uniform in tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind but it is quite revealing.”“Oh that’s Ok, I really need this job so I guess if it is necessary, I will wear anything.”“Ok good, what is your bra size?

I need to know before I get your uniform.”“Uhm 36DD” she answered.“WOW” I thought to myself, then I turned to her and said “Alright, well I think that is everything, you can leave. Goodbye.“Goodbye, Thanks again.” She smiled and walked away.

The push up bra was so small for her that it looked like it was about to burst. The upper half of her nipples and the rest of her beautiful golden breasts were exposed.

And by looking at her butt alone you wouldn’t even be able to tell that she was wearing any underwear, her big ass cheeks had completely engulfed the poor piece of string.“It fits pretty well. And also since all of my customers were male, I knew that they would have absolutely no problem with my new scantily clad employee. “Alright so let’s talk customer service, when someone comes in it is customary in America to greet them with a big hug and a kiss.

I closed up the store for the day and went to a Victoria Secret store to pick out a uniform for Charlotte.

I selected a thin silk white push up bra and a matching white silk thong.

I had enough money that I could afford to pay my employee more than most other small business owners.

So I posted up some help want ads advertising that I needed a young worker and I would pay dollars an hour.

That is how most girls wear their underwear these days.”“Really? If they touch your body or even pinch your bum or breasts, think of it as a compliment.

The customer is never wrong, never take anything they say in the most positive way you can.”She listened intently and nodded her head with every point. “Ok give me a hug for luck, and let’s get started.”She got up and gave me a big long hug, pressing her big soft breasts against my chest.

Throughout the week people dropped off their resumes and applications to me and on Sunday I took them home to decide who I would hire.

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