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How, indeed, are we not to worry continually over what men think?

One of the tough things about reading (and writing) an article like this is that it is threatening.

I’m assuming men value Faces in the short- and long-term because *I* do. One day I literally gasped when I punched up the remote and saw Bella on TV. I have dated some very beautiful women who after the first few sentences, I was ready to run (forget coyote ugly; this is roadrunner time) Ok, maybe I would stick around for the first night. I guess my point is that the appearance is the admission ticket. Wise & Loyal Readers, I am reading your many comments with avid interest.

I’m assuming through my examples at the article’s start that we’re all aiming for long-term relationships, because that’s what *I’ve* aimed for. New research shows that women tend to value The Face of a prospective partner —short-or long-term—more than The Body. Right uses a beautiful face to gauge women’s *ongoing reproductive value*: Can she get pregnant many times in the future, over the course of a long mateship? (Some restrictions apply, see offer for details.) Applying this to the real world, men—especially those in the One-Nighter habit— should be ready to pursue women with fantastic Bods (albeit usually with matching Faces) for short-term liaisons, and women with a pretty Face (with or without the corresponding Bod) for their long-term Choice. , and important, but far from answering All The Questions. There she was, choosing among 3 houses, and featured (alone), searching for a home, on the cable show, "House Hunters"!!! As this is the first week of the new teaching semester, I have as yet been unable to respond in kind..I will do so very soon! Cheers, Duana I like "appearance drives curiosity" from Tom. IMO your daughter has nothing to worry about, she will be recognized for her own high value by many, many people.

I've also been pushed away and less attractive the more I get to know someone...

When I was a young man I dated all kinds of girls, fat and thin, short and tall. I dated one girl for three years and she had virtually no chin. Nobody's perfect, but she had a great bod, and beautiful blond hair.

Not only that, but facial beauty showcases health (past and future) and fertility *plus* expressions of commitment and love—right? For instance, pretty much everyone, male and female, recognizes when we’re in the presence of an over-all “10”.

And pretty much everyone expresses attraction to that winning combo, although most sagely choose a partner both immediately (Men in particular care that their mate is generally pleasing to behold.

and while a woman may look the same in the dark as any other, her body won't feel the same!

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