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Listen to learn 20 words and phrases which native English speakers often get wrong.

You will also hear Dad and me discussing topics such as catching a squirrel, what he would say to Donald Trump and Paul Mc Cartney if he met them, stories of police drug busts at university, how my dad would deal with a zombie apocalypse, and which one is worse – Brexit or Yoko Ono’s ‘singing’?

Learn about Australian English, Aussie accent, Aussie slang and exactly what you should say whenever you meet a true blue Aussie, mate! Testing my Dad on his knowledge of English, using words that are frequently confused by native English speakers.

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In this episode I talk about visiting the fantastic Griffith Observatory and then ‘go off on one’ about Astronomy vs Astrology and ludicrous flat earth conspiracy theories.

Includes various bits of vocabulary throughout the episode. Talking about some modern art which I saw while visiting several galleries in Los Angeles.

Includes descriptions of different movements in modern art, details about some famous artists and their work, some thoughts about whether modern art is really amazing, or maybe just a load of pretentious rubbish! I’m back from my holiday so here’s a new episode of the podcast.

In this one you’ll hear me talking about some recent news (including quite a big announcement) and then an account of what we did on holiday including some descriptions, opinions and stories. Everything you need to know about the world’s 2nd most popular spectator sport, cricket.

I’m joined by my Dad, Rick Thompson and we describe the rules, the appeal of the game and also some expressions in English that come from cricket.

Notes and vocabulary available on the is a Star Wars DVD commentary by James and me.

Watch Star Wars on your TV or computer, and listen to our commentary at the same time. This episode was originally recorded in February 2017 and is being uploaded in August 2017. Sarah Donnelly) Conversation and language analysis with the podpals and guest Sarah. Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Rambling on about so-called “facts” I found on the internet, while sitting in direct sunshine wishing I had beer. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 1) A Quick Message About Donations – Please consider donating to “Doctors Without Borders” to help people in need 410. ” with Paul Taylor and Robert Hoehn Talking about life experiences and telling stories with a couple of friends. OPP: Other People’s Podcasts (Part 4) Recommending some more of my favourite podcasts. Also, a quick chat with English Robot 3000, who has been in a box for about 3 years. Discussing Language, Culture & Comedy with Alexander van Walsum A light-hearted chat with a comedian friend of mine who originally comes from The Netherlands but has also lived all over the world. LEP Anecdote Competition Entries – Please listen & vote News about the latest competition, results of the recent podcast survey and the top countries for LEP downloads. Breaking the Intermediate Plateau (Part 2) Is your learning slowing down?

In this episode I answer several questions from listeners about accents, including how regional accents occur in the UK and why there are so many accents there. Talking to Andy about why he runs marathons, including vocabulary relating to doing exercise, health, fitness, technique, injuries and medical care. Can you take the test and get all the right responses? Talking about being married to a foreign person, bringing up bilingual kids, and slang from Australia and Northern Ireland. [Website content] I was on The Rock n’ Roll English Podcast and The Earful Tower Podcast this week Listen to my appearances on several other podcasts. The Rick Thompson Report: Post-Election 2017 Talking to my Dad about the results of the 8 June general election in the UK. Conclusions about Language Learning from the David Crystal Interview (Part 2) Considering the points made by Prof. more podcast statistics An overview of how 2016 was for Luke’s English Podcast including some details about the top 5 episodes, the top 20 countries, and more statistics for the last 12 months. With the Family (Part 3) More Encounters with Famous People My mum, dad and brother tell us a few more anecdotes about their encounters with some well-known people. With the Family (Part 2) My Uncle Met a Rock Star Listen to my uncle Nic telling some stories about British rock stars he has met over the years, including an encounter with one of the most famous musicians in the world! With The Family (Part 1) Mum’s Cooking Vocabulary (with Uncle Nic) A conversation with my family about how to cook a delicious Turkey dinner and some vocabulary teaching. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 2) An episode all about special days and celebrations in the British calendar. Teaching 12 Idioms in the Street / On the Set of Paul’s TV Show (with Amber) Amber & I teach you 12 idiomatic English phrases while attending the filming of an episode of Paul Taylor’s TV show on the street in Paris. A CHRISTMAS MEGA-RAMBLE with AMBER MINOGUE A rambling conversation with Amber about Christmas and more! Catching Up With Amber & Paul #4 ( videos) Amber & Paul are back on the podcast and we do the usual catching-up session and go off on a few tangents about Amber’s play, Paul’s showbiz life, marshmallows, microphones, tea & coffee, accents and more. 2016 (Post-Truth Politics, Cricket and Tetris) Talking to my Dad about recent news, including a Brexit update, comments about post-truth politics and more. ‘Switch off your editor’ to improve your fluency in English Advice about how you can use this creativity boosting technique to push your fluency in English. The Pink Gorilla Story 2 Having fun in the 400th episode with another improvised comedy story. The Return of Molly Martinez (with Dane Nightingale) Talking with two American friends (including Molly from episodes 198 & 199) about TV journalism, how the Internet works, the US presidential election results, California’s new marijuana laws and puffins. US Election Result Ramble Message Song First impressions of the US Presidential Election, plus a message for my listeners and a song or two. An 80-Minute Ramble Talking spontaneously about winter and some Netflix recommendations. The LEP Anecdote Competition – ROUND 2 Listen to the 10 anecdotes that got through to round 2 of the competition and vote for your favourites. We talk about cultural and linguistic differences in different countries, doing stand-up comedy and getting Darth Vader’s signature. Finding it hard to make progress beyond an intermediate level? Teaching Grammar & Social English A review of some of language points I have been teaching recently including some grammar, some social English and quite a lot of silly improvisation and musical interludes. More Ian Moore The second part of my chat with British writer and comedian Ian Moore.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan, this might not be for you. What are the most essential skills of a good foreign language learner?

This audio track is full of rambling, comedy sketches, impressions and descriptions of what happens in this classic film from 1977. Exploring responses to this question on – including plenty of advice and insights into some good ways to improve your English learning. Election A conversation with my dad about recent news events. US Presidential Election 2016 – Trump vs Clinton (with Sarah & Sebastian) Part 2 A conversation with two American friends about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. US Presidential Election 2016 – Trump vs Clinton (with Sarah & Sebastian) Part 1 387.

Listen to find out what happened in this part of my trip. The holiday diary continues and in this chapter we visited Bel Air in L. and so here is an analysis of the lyrics to Will Smith’s rap from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, a famous TV show (and a very serious piece of work, haha) from the 90s.

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