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Now that there are plenty of ratings I thought I’d take a look at those at the top.

Grabbing more than 10,000,000 hits to date, You Tube says it's one of its first "viral" videos. " "It's small, so it's easy to pick on," Tranquada replied.

Doane asked, "Historically speaking, why has the ukulele gotten so little respect?

And certainly not serious for anyone to want to take more of my money for one. I spent hours surfing uke-related forums, blogs and websites, trying to match my growing interests with my limited budget, trying to understand everything about ukulele brands, woods, strings, sizes and finishes, reading reviews and comparisons. I also spent time on You Tube and similar sites looking at the brilliant new performers - like Jake Shimabukuro and Mike Okouchi and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Brittni Paiva, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and others - musicians who have returned the uke from a novelty into a serious musical instrument for a new generation, and in turn helped spawn the ukulele renaissance.

I still have difficulty ordering ukulele strings, straps and accessories locally. And let us not forget Tiny Tim, whose novelty act hid a wealth of talent, and to whom most of us owe a debt because he kept the ukulele in vogue at a time when it had waned in popularity.

Towards the end of winter '08, I decided to add ukulele to my practice. I spoke at length (in my abysmal Spanish) to one of the performers, and he even let me try out his charango. I was shown some cheap $30-or-less knock-offs, and my inquiries for something of higher quality met with a shrug of the shoulders, and the presentation of a catalogue with a single "better" ($75) uke listed.

I got the impression ukuleles weren't treated as "serious" instruments, not serious enough for either store to have a tuned one on hand at least.For a few years now I’ve been collecting people’s ratings of their ukuleles on the review section of Uke Hunt.It’s been interesting watching the list of the highest rated ukes take shape. And playing it very, very well is harder than many people might think. He still has no idea who posted his rendition of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." "I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, this is crazy. They were brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in 1879. a cross between a guitar and a banjo." But Hawaiians quickly adopted what was originally called a "machete" and began crafting the ukulele out a native wood, called koa.Here's Seth Doane: This report was originally broadcast on October 14, 2012. In the skilled hands of Jake Shimabukuro, the ukulele is transformed. At the time, the Hawaiian Gazette referred to them as "strange instruments . That tradition is carried on at Kamaka, where a four-generation family business still makes the ukulele from that now-trademark koa wood.Roy Sakuma, Shimabukuro's one-time teacher, assured him that he could learn to play in just a few minutes. where the ukulele provides the perfect soundtrack to paradise.

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