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Meanwhile, in what could be bad news for gents, one out of every four women said they would rather give up sex than their favorite food of the year, compared to just 16 percent of men.

Emphasize the “no stakes just have fun” nature of the date. A direct approach also makes it easier to back out from a relationship, in case you’ve found someone else more attractive.

In the end, multi-dating isn’t about quantity but rather about quality.

You’re looking to get into a relationship, not just to hook up, right? Some men may think flowers are cheesy, but they’re not.

Flowers are a kind and thoughtful gesture these days. Give her a sweet surprise with a beautiful bouquet.

You are forced to backpedal, come up with lies and excuses.

Looking back at information from a chat log isn’t an option if you are having an actual date.

And believe us: no one takes lightly realizing to be “one among the many”.

Long chat sessions and dinner dates also take a lot out from you, and after some time you’ll be too tired, or burned out to bring your “A” game.

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