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Fans are anticipating the chance to see Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in character as Belle and the Beast, with a recent clip showing off the former's singing voice.One such thing fans can expect is a glossy re-recording of the theme song - originally sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson - performed by modern-day chart-toppers Ariana Grande and This remake will see composer Alan Menken provide new recordings of the film's original songs while Disney fans can expect three brand new songs written by both Menken and Oscar-winning composer Tim Rice.

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“Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it.

And that’s what has its payoff at the end, which I don’t want to give away.

Directed by Bill Condon (the remake co-stars Luke Evans as Gaston, Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, Josh Gad as Le Fou, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, Ewan Mc Gregor as Lumiere, Ian Mc Kellan as Cogsworth, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, and Kevin Kline as Maurice.

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“In the animated movie, it’s her father who is the inventor, and we actually co-opted that for Belle,” she said “I was like, ‘Well, there was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books. ’ So, we created a backstory for her, which was that she had invented a kind of washing machine, so that, instead of doing laundry, she could sit and use that time to read instead. In a clip released by Disney, Belle speaks with a man named Monsieur Jean who appears confused. “The only problem is, I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten,” Neville says when the sphere turns red.

The film is one of more than a dozen classics being remade by Disney.

Live-action versions of are among the ones expected to premiere in the next few years.

Critics have offered mostly positive reviews so far.

“When I finished the film, it kind of felt like I had made that transition into being a woman on-screen,” she told Trailer Is Pretty Much the Same as the Original Your favorite talking appliances are back and more alive than ever. Potts (Emma Thompson), Cogsworth (Ian Mc Kellen), Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), Madame de Garderobe (Audra Mc Donald) and Chip (Nathan Mack) chatter away throughout the movie.

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