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Images created with a pinhole camera can also be incorporated into other alternative processes.

A classic combination of photography and printmaking employing a variety of skills. Learn how to contact print onto flat plant or vegetable matter using a positive intermediate. Photosynthesis: A world where you can grow your own photographic supplies The expressive world of lens-less photography allows for dreamy and magical photographs.

Photolithography – a history and its process No photo paper? A camera, usually handmade out of a box or can, allows light to pass through a small aperture onto photo paper or film.

Graveyards and Infrared Photography The infrared process Although both silver and iron are required for Kallitypes and Van Dykes, the former is a bit more expensive and labor intensive of the two siblings.

Depending on paper and toning, images can run the range of black, sepia, and beautiful rich browns.

Combining gelatin silver and cyanotype Heather Siple Silvergum – gum over silver gelatin The silver gelatin dry plate process Gum bichromate and casein pigment printing utilizing water-based colors are but two among several forms of dichromate techniques resulting in expressive monochrome and full-color imagery. A Non-Silver Manual: Casein printing A Non-Silver Manual: Gum bichromate A Non-Silver Manual: Gum printing on alternative surfaces A Non-Silver Manual: One interpretation of gum printing An introduction to the gum bichromate process An update on the Ferric gum process Breast milk and the casein print Casein pigment prints CMYK Colour Separation using the Gimp Ferric gum process – a radically different variation on gum Gouache: The Curiously Disrespected Gem in Gum and Casein Printing Gum and negatives with a twist of Français Gum Bichromate Pigment Printing – free e-book Gum bichromate working methods Gum printing basics – how to make a gum print (Troutner) New EU regulations that may restrict Gum printing Silvergum – gum over silver gelatin The 19th century gum bichromate process in 21st century concept and techniques The extraordinary mechanism underlying the ferric gum process The resinotype process Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes by Christina Z.

Anderson As the name implies, gumoils transforms a gum print into an oil-based image through labor intensive rubbing, wiping, and etching.

Extra care must be taken to ensure permanence of the print.

A Non-Silver Manual: Vandyke brown Argyrotype process Beyond the blues: Vandyke brown printing Chris Byrnes Formula overview for Vandyke, Kallitype and Argyrotype Instruction sheet for the Kallitype printing kit Kallitypes v.s.

In most cases, a positive matrix takes the place of the usual negative employed by other processes.

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