Naked women cameroon

So because the swine is a fluffy animal, the women decided to choose it as their totem.

Culture holds it that the advantages of belonging in the swine cult is that it makes women so beautiful physically.

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She is number 10 on this list of top ten most beautiful African women.

She is famous but that doesn't take away her place in the making of beautiful women of Africa.

CAMEROON - As I try by all means to suppress my thoughts on the maternal health issues plaguing my ethnic group, I received a call from a fellow friend in one of the villages that make up my ethnic group, re-echoing the fact that one of my tribe’s inhuman cultural practice is still very alive and that if it is not arrested, it will keep shaping our social, economic and political life.

“It happened again Nakinti,” my friend shouted on phone.

This girl is the most beautiful African woman alive!

Check everything about her (with absolutely no single makeup) and you'd have no choice but to give it to her - she is no doubt a beauty to behold, a complete natural beauty.

It goes without saying that if such women become pregnant, their anxiety and stress alone about how to give birth can harm or kill the baby.

And it is for this reason that women who die during pregnancy, during childbirth, or a few minutes after childbirth are considered witches and their corpses are maltreated as explained by my caller above. Assuming that he loved me too, we started trying to have a baby so that we could consolidate our relationship.

This is because the swine will hold back the baby or the placenta in their belly and they will die during labour or after birth.

A traditional post mortem (a brother of the dead woman is called to tear the belly of his dead sister) is usually conducted to identify traces of swine witchcraft in the belly of the dead woman.

“One young girl in her early 30s just died in pregnancy and her corpse was badly maltreated—where are you? “She wasn’t laid like a normal corpse, she was laid on the ground, behind the house for a few hours, naked, only covered with a loin cloth, and later on a rope was tied around her neck and a traditional masquerade dragged her corpse for burial into an evil forest, Nakinti please come, I am dying to have you here,” he shouted even more. I stood up, unplugged the iron, and grabbed a bottle of beer from my fridge which I gulped in two installments. I come from an ethnic group called the Oroko ethnic group.

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