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Sadly, three months later, Obi lost his father, 18-year-old Milo, to a form of lymphatic cancer.Milo’s sudden death left Dallas Zoo staff at a loss.Science teacher Leon de Oliveira began a brand new course for the semester entitled “Community Impact by Design.” The class allowed students to work in small groups while engaging in the design and engineering process in order to solve a problem.

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For most high school students, the semester is filled with standard classes like calculus, biology, english, and history – but a group of five Hockaday students can proudly add monkeying around with STEM to their academic repertoire.

It all began with a unique partnership between the Zoo and the Hockaday School.

They also have a stockier body, and you can see that our Jax is still rather skinny and lanky.

We’re excited to see that since Jax has moved into our mandrill barn and met his new family, his colors already have begun to pop.

To see the whole process starting from their initial cardboard designs to the final product was incredible. The capsule shaped item, designed to hang from a tree branch, has maze-like layers of plexiglass on the inside.

Primates must shake the apparatus to move food through the levels until it falls out a small hole at the bottom in order to be consumed.

How exactly does one prompt a primate to move onwards and upwards? However, Zoo staff left the designing fully up to the students.

The class made multiple trips to the Zoo to observe their subjects while working closely with primate keepers and our education team.

Several Hockaday students were already involved in our Teen Science Café and Zoo Corps group, so it only seemed natural to find a way to further engage other students, using Zoo related problem solving.

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