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I think Warren has done an incredible job on that and has made the production on that incredible.

But I’ve also always loved the song River, and that was one that I was very passionate about putting on the record and having it stripped back, with just the piano. PS: You have a duet on the album, “Last Christmas.” What can you tell us about that? That is actually my girlfriend on the album, Anna Claire.

But when I actually stopped and looked at it, I thought, you know, I want to do this my way.

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Writing Christmas songs seems like the ultimate challenge—our traditional favorites are so iconic that to make a dent in that playlist seems almost impossible. Let’s talk first about “Irish Christmas.” What sort of mood did you want to convey; what sort of story did you want to tell in “Irish Christmas”? It was tough, because writing Christmas songs can easily get cheesy, or generic.

So finding something to make it unique was the challenge.

My favorite Irish singer and actor, Damian Mc Ginty of Celtic Thunder and Glee fame, has a new album out!

Damian Mc Ginty: This Christmas Time features ten songs, including two originals Damian wrote that are already proving to be hits with his fans.

PS: This is your first full-length album, coming four years after your eponymous EP.

What were some of the differences between making your EP and making this album?

DMc G: The EP I made was more experimental than it was serious.

I wanted to try something I’d never done before, and it had much more of a pop feel to it than the new record.

I was very surprised by the success of it; it was very humbling. I sat down in January and looked at concepts, ideas, funding, etc.

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