Who is dale earnhardt jr dating 2016

88 Chevrolet for Hendricks Motorsports has suffered from the repercussions of a concussion earlier in the season, and has been diligently following the advice of his doctors to not get back in the race car.

Earnhardt has had at least four concussion-related injuries in his career, dating back to violent wrecks at Auto Club Speedway in 2002 and at Dover in 2003, when he had to be air-lifted to a local hospital after being found unconscious after the collision.

It was the year 2009 when the couple started dating.

"I was just really nervous about what people’s perceptions would be, so I held a lot of stuff in and just kept a lot of stuff private for a long time," he said.

Lucky are those who get the people they want in their life and luckiest are those who get the chance to marry the love of their life.

CHARLOTTE — The only downside about Dale Earnhardt Jr. He’s “so frustrated” with himself for not doing it sooner, he said Thursday.

Earnhardt glowed during the NASCAR media tour as he discussed his upcoming wedding (date to be announced) to Amy Reimann, his longtime girlfriend-turned-fiancee. 88 Chevrolet for the first time since missing the second half of the 2016 season with concussion symptoms during a test session at Phoenix International Raceway on Jan. Dale Earnhardt Jr., left, takes a selfie with Hendrick Motorsports teammates Kasey Kahne, second from left, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, right, during media day for the 2014 Chase for the Sprint Cup in Chicago.

I think you honestly believe all the Jr and wifey “smoke and mirrors” dog and pony show bs.

Last time she had to “pretend” to be his friend..... Last time they were there she was a ho this time she's a housewife. None of you die hard fans can see through the lies and all the smoke and mirrors even when you’re smacked right in the face with the inconsistencies and bold faced lies. The fact that you use the term “Bizarro World” gives great insight into your state of mind, vet.

It marked the first time Earnhardt had led the points in nearly eight years.

Many people in the sport thought the breakthrough was the beginning of a second-half season resurgence.

Formerly retired driver Jeff Gordon will continue to drive in Earnhardt's place.

His team announced Friday morning that he wouldn't return in 2016.

After around one and a half year of their engagement, the couple finally got at the end of the year 2016, 31st December 2016. Can there be any other best way to end the year and start the New Year? Also, there is no any divorce issues or separations news of the newly married couple. While surfing around Dale's social sites, we found out that he has shared numerous pictures with his lady love, Amy.

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