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Downgrading to my old ffdshow of 2546 makes the VDM plugin work again. Syv kumarrus ja kiitos ihmisille jotka puurtaa tmn paketin eteen duunia.

updating codecs-61

At the time I didn't have time to play with the settings, which could be the problem.

Never mind, I'll report back once I have a spare 5 mins.

Works so good when using this filter with media player classic. Uninstall all the codecs - install FFDSHOW - plays everything - and with much better sound quality -stereo sounds like stereo now ! I updated to the latest version and had conflicts with WMP11 and Power DVD which wouldn't play my avi files.

I like what this filter has is the subtitle displayer with lots of styles to choose from. I uninstalled the latest ffdshow 2006-05-06 and reinstalled 2005-12 which resolved the problem!

To summarize its main idea, the FFDSHOW consumes way less CPU power than original Div X or Xvi D codecs, even with maximum post-processing.

At the same time the post-processing seems to give excellent quality results and allows more configuring than the original Div X codec.

ffdshow is a great codec, but unfortunately although it claims it can be run on win2k, installation attempt of this build yields an error stating that xp sp2 or greater is required for install.

Its unfortunate for those of use who still play around with older systems (in addition to our newer ones).

For all you guys mewling and pewking as Shakespeare would say ...

In order to improve software, beta versions and voluntary bug reports are necessary.

FFDSHOW is a Direct Show decoding filter for decompressing several video formats, including Div X, Xvi D, WMV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 movies.

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