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If you ask me tomorrow, you know, I really do love and respect the producers a lot.Like most of Bachelor Nation, we have a small crush on Chris Harrison.

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situation, Harrison explained: “I don’t think anything else will be changed. They’re people we really love, so we’ll continue to care for them, and look out for them and their best interests.

We will be more vigilant, more careful, more understanding and watchful over these people." He continued, “We, myself included, feel very protective. If new things come to light and we can do things to protect them even more, then we’ll do it.

The weight that gets taken off your shoulders in terms of being worried about getting roses every week is replaced with the weight of trying to give your friends good advice in their life and in how they’re being perceived on television, which is kind of a freaky thing.” Amanda Stanton (], to be completely frank.

If you had asked me two days ago, then absolutely not.

“I’ve loved deeply with [my] whole heart and know how great it can be.

I will hopefully fall in love and find that again.” Yes, a lot of people are actually up in the air about the host's sexuality.

"At the end of the day, it’s going to be about finding love again," said Mills, senior vp alternative series. A misconduct complaint halted filming for nearly two weeks, though the show ultimately resumed when the investigation found that nothing suspect took place.

The incident in question was a sexual encounter between two contestants who had been drinking, Corinne Olympios and De Mario Jackson, and both appeared face-to-face for the first time since the shutdown on Monday's studio special.

"I’m very proficient when it comes to math and I know what 2 2 is, so, I think it’s safe to say I can kinda see what’s going on here. ” Ash Lee also gushed about Chris, telling Chris was born in Dallas — where he met his ex-wife at Lake Highlands High School. (EXCLUSIVE) After accepting a soccer scholarship, Chris attended Oklahoma City University where his discovered his love of broadcast journalism.

"I was just a scrawny, skinny kid just trying to survive like any other boy in high school," he said. He went on to be a sports reporter in the city before landing his first big gig as host of the HGTV show .

During their latest stint in Mexico, they called two castmates "ugly, shallow whores," threw scallops at another and stormed off after only one day on set.

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