Intimidating female dog names

Yes, they do sound weird to give to dog but they are exactly what they are – exotic.Take inspiration from characters of exotic books like “Rountu”, “Atticus”, “Fell”, or “Azazel”.

If you do decide to give your dog an exotic name, that’s great. But before you ultimately decide on it, try it out first.

Say it out loud and think about calling your dog by it. If “heel Rumpelstilskin” seems a bit of a mouthful, you may want to reconsider.

800 dog names below includes names for both badass male and female dogs.

Some are unisex names which can be a name for both male and female dogs.

Hawk/Hawkeye - Either the animal or the superhero — take your pick. Seal - Could be a good name for a water retriever, or a name inspired by the toughest branch of the military, the Navy SEALs.

Buck is also the name of the rugged canine protagonist in Jack London's "The Call of the Wild." Fox/Foxy - Perfect for a quick, agile, and intelligent canine.

Regardless of the reason, the tough naming suggestions and lists below them are ideas that we felt would make any pup loom larger regardless of their physique or personality.

Dogs are not only considered as a very smart animal but also able to truly understand human being via the expressed emotions towards them.

They have property they want protected, and are looking for guard dog names that intimidate as much as their dogs growl and sharp teeth. They own a pup that has an attitude and/or a look to it that appears rugged, like a large or muscular breed and they want a tough title that matches.3.

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