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There are many times when i socialize with those of the opposite sex and enjoy their company.

But if I am upfront and you express your desires as well and pull those stunts, then we will have problems.

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Midwestdating com dating a swimmer

If you make enough money however, I suggest you try to develop an appreciation of Man's invention of money and the institution of money based markets, and apply simple efforts in that direction until you meet nice girls of capital based morals who are willing to just love you and just be with you, even if only for a short term relationship in modern times.

Then, if you meet free chics of social morals for free, you can try to be a better boy friend in modern times without the pressure of sex getting in the way.

Although our relationship can continue, i choose not to associate with women using that logic. Im well into my 30s and its all or nothing with me. She asked to come over that friday but asked if she could pack a bag. We went for dinner then came back to my place (extended stay hotel suite with kitchenette but no couches).

I wont pressure you and will be reasonable but don't expect me to lay in your bed and cuddle especially after the 2-3 date. We are in my bed watching a movie and im in my draws and she is rubbing my chest.

I have spent time and lived in many states and countries. Having been around various cultures, im open to many things socially and sexually.

Im not trying to generalize as this post is mostly based on my experiences and of men that i have spoken to that spend time in the Midwest- however, i have not had many sexual encounters in these parts. Most are over 30 and are professional working women. Just going out and having a good time cause they know of my line of work and im up front about my intensity as a person and sexuality as a scorpio when appropriate in conversation. But almost all the ones that I have interests in some way seem to have altered perceptions of intimacy.

They are going to be themselves one way or another; and the other way usually involves them being themselves behind our backs with all of the other ones.

Wouldn't it be better to win women who are willing to be girls and friends, at the same time?

My dude daniel, we could have a "session" and talk all day about the institution of money based markets..

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