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With the growing popularity of online job portals, it has become easier to seek talent.

But it has made recruitment a more comprehensive process as applicants are This perspective will either challenge, motivate, inspire, or encourage you to live a greater destiny or make you mad for the greater good.

It emerged at a time during the mid-12 century when fighting men became unrecognisable inside their suits of armour to both friend and foe alike.

In those days, Kings, Dukes and Knights would employ men in their households called heralds, the dual role as minstrel and messenger led the herald to then recount the deeds of his master and as time went by his masters ancestors.

Heralds were originally appointed to organize and make the announce at tournaments, to act as diplomats and to record the various insignia borne by the individuals and to carry as a non combatant messenger, messages from place to place, as well as to make declarations of war.

Heraldry began to grow into a science of heraldry with its own unique language and system of laws to regulate and record it accurately.

With common names like Smith, there are many different designs of Arms for the same surname with each of these designs often represent a completely different locality and lineage.

Heraldry originated within the military during the 12th to 13th Century Crusades.

Large men were under arms, covered from head to foot with in armour.Although early references to heralds dating from the twelfth century were invariably connected with tournaments the first generally accepted references to heralds date from around 1170 when Chretien de Troyes writes of a barefoot herald clad only in a shirt running to identify the arms of Lancelot in the King Arthur Legend. The Heralds tabards have its coat embroidered on the front, back and sleeves with the Royal Arms.Coat of Arms was originally a light tunic which was decorated with symbols and worn over the knights battle armour.Heraldry, with its Coat of Arms and Crests although viewed by many as an ancient art form, is an exciting picture language in colour with its heraldic signs and symbols often incorporate a glorious mle of golden crowns and coronets, lions, eagles, fabulous beasts and mythological creatures, birds, fishes, flowers and busts of men and women.Heraldry is often seen as much of a science as an art and often refers to the design of the Achievements for a particular surname which is also often linked to a specific place or occupation.So, if you do not keep track of all these changing norms, you may be left too far to catch up.

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