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SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight. Doctor recommended LANACANE contains the special pe of anesthetic used worldwide doctors— for fast and lasting re- if from pain and itching.Doctors iow that's the festest way to attack :hing."I liked his looks immediately and learned from co-workers that he'd just moved to California from Michigan.

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" is the most popular, most enduring wom- en's magazine feature in the world. "Eight months ago, I began having an affair with Alec, a man I met at work.

This month's case is based on interviews and in- formation from the. Last month he asked me to bring the children and move in with him.

60 • Parents' journal Five things to do when your child has the flu, 1988 horoscopes for kids, and more. Rosen '88: no-fail ideas for diet and exercise PAGE 41 62 • Understanding kids How to warn your children about the dangers of kidnapping and child abuse. By Diane Salvatore 75 • Your friends and mine A Journal exclusive!

Kenny Rogers shares his intimate portraits of Michael Jack- son, Dolly Parton and others.

Vorlfs on all kinds of itching LANACANE shuts off every kind of ;h on contact. It fely relieves irritated skin, no mat- r how sensitive. VNACANE even contains Aloe to l Othe and moisturize.

Yet, for all that relief, ounce for uice, LANACANE costs for less than ading hydrocortisones."Feeling invisible is the last thing I expected from my marriage — though, unfortunately, the feeling is pretty familiar. My father, an architect, was very loving and couldn't do enough for me.He went overboard, in fact — when I asked for more space to play, he built a whole new addition to our house.7 02 • The great chili cook-off We asked all fifty U. governors for their favorite recipes, and our panel of judges chose the top eight. 7 76 * Power breakfasts Weekday quickies, weekend treats: morning meals too easy and delicious to skip. And when you send us the coupon above, we'll send you a free pair. The story is true, but names and other de- tails have been changed to conceal identities.By Jan Turner Hazard 126 • Recipe index Cover photos: Cosby, NBC; Streisand. So try Light Support pantyhose, m6 you'll be the one who gets f ^ paid...v^th compliments. rmharni By Carol Lynn Mithers Introduced thirty-five years ago, "Can This Marriage Be Saved? Tamara'sturn "WHEN I MARRIED ROB, I MEANT IT to be forever," says Tamara, thirty- five, an elegant brunet in a black and white silky dress, "but right now I'm seriously thinking of divorce.Hydrocortisones, like Cortaid® or 3rtizone-5, work slowly and indi- ctly, and should be used only iien inflammation is present.

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