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She was now sitting there naked under her mac and being felt up by one lad while stroking his Large Hard Cock.

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I then sent Stacey a text saying to open the top buttons of her mac.

This she did and her Tits could now be seen by the lads. She was still making out she was dozing off and pretended not to notice.

I sent a text without the lads seeing which said "Feel His Hard Cock".

Stacey sent one back saying "Okay" She slid her hand down on to his leg and stroked his Large Hard Cock.

Even a couple of young girls were Finger Fucking her and making her Cum all over their fingers.

The train stopped at the next station and once the doors closed all the men stood in a line with their Cocks out and the girls with their Cunts wide.

The tube train was empty in our carriage and I told her to take her knickers off. She took her bra off and her Nipples were now poking out through her thin blouse. This she did and she sat there playing with her Clit making her Cunt even wetter. I then asked her to remove her blouse and then put her mac back on. The next station was Victoria and several people got on including several young lads that sat opposite us. I sent a text to Stacey and told her to undo several buttons at the bottom of her coat and then open her legs slightly.

I could see the lads checking her out and it was obvious they could see straight up her coat to her even Wetter Cunt.

She must have Cum several times before the Young Lad Spunked in her mouth.

All the other men that were now in the carriage were now Wanking over her and Cumming on her face, Hair and Tits.

Stacey and I had been to a leaving do and she had too much to drink.

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