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Sim Center Highlights: The Center of Nursing Excellence, an initiative of the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, was completed in September 2008.In collaboration with the higher educational partners students in Southside Virginia can advance along the nursing center ladder from the entry level nurse aide to the Doctrate of Nursing Practice without leaving the area.Facilities also include a professional skills/task training lab with a full array of body-part models; a virtual reality lab for practicing surgical skills; and two debrief rooms.

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Our new multi services centre is expected to be ready by September 2009, and operational by January 2010.

View Website Contact: Irwyn Shepherd Phone: The Bon Secours Clinical Simulation Center is an 8000 sq ft simulation center featuring an 8 bed skills lab with Laerdal Vita Sim Manikins, an 8 bay health assessment lab, and 3 high fidelity simulation rooms.

The Administrative Suite includes waiting room with reception, three offices.

The hallway that connects the Given and Rowell buildings also has 39 lockers for use during simulation activities.

A satellite simulation lab is located at Fletcher Allen Health Care on the fifth floor of the Mc Clure building, and a fully outfitted ambulance (the Simbulance) is also available for training.

Simulation support includes adult and child mannequin simulators that demonstrate lifelike physical responses, task trainer simulator models used for task specific skill development, standardized patients who are trained to accurately portray a specific role or condition, and hybrid and or mixed modality simulations that combine a standardized patient with a partial task trainer or full patient mannequin for unique simulated encounters. Cate Nicholas Phone: (802) 656-8373 Name of Sim Center: Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre Location: Melbourne, Australia Sim Center Highlights: This interim centre using Laerdal and METI simulators has been developed so we can develop, deliver and test programs with our industry partners.

Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students.

The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

The CSLC is presently approximately 3,800 Sq Ft, including the 2-bed Intensive Care Simulation Unit as well as 2 Procedural Labs with 12 beds, and 1 Physical Assessment Lab with 8 stations.

Work is in progress to expand to a little over 7,000 Sq Ft.

In 2012-2013 there were over 11,000 scheduled student encounters to the nursing learning center. Burns Foundation, the center has been completely renovated during Spring/Summer 2014 and expanded to approximately 10,000 square feet.

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