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Chou played the piano accompaniment for his friend, whose singing was described as "lousy".

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His pieces combine ancient themes with futuristic ones, including things like space ships, all while employing graphic storytelling skills to evoke vivid imagery to his audience.

His enunciation, or lack thereof, whether rapping or singing, was also critiqued when listeners often found that they could not decipher the words sung until they looked up the lyrics. This garnered a lot of attention and reporters often quiz Chou on his singing style.

His parents divorced when he was 13 and he was teased by his classmates, which caused him to become reclusive and introverted.

He had no friends and preferred to be alone, listening to music, contemplating and daydreaming.

He has since starred in a number of films, becoming known to western audiences when he made his Hollywood debut in 2011 with The Green Hornet, starring alongside Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz.

Chou also manages his own record and management company JVR Music.

During his childhood, he was fascinated with capturing sounds and songs with his tape recorder, which he carried everywhere with him.

In the third grade, he became interested in music theory and also started cello lessons.

The album established his reputation as a musically gifted singer-songwriter whose style is a fusion of R&B, rap, classical music, and yet distinctly Chinese.

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