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On another level, I’ve been described as immature for things like my blatant silliness, strolling when a certain song comes on, and for writing blogs.Yes, one chick had the audacity to tell me that I wrote blogs for attention and that it was extremely immature. Being the witty machine that I’ve been conditioned to be, I had a list of reasons explaining why she was a girl instead of a woman. As tempted as I am to share the list, I’ll save that for another day. What I really wanted to talk about were the roles of age and maturity from this Black male’s perspective.

Point here is that age isn’t the end all be all of what maturity is and supposed to be.

As we’ve said time and time again…experience, experience, experience.

As I revisit 2008 and consider my approaching birthday a couple months from now (Pisces), I’ve realized I’ve come a long way over the X # years I’ve been on this earth.

In certain areas of life, I feel like I’ve matured at a quicker rate than a lot of the people around me.

come monday morning, i'm calling DEA abd immigration on his dopehead. i got your computer isp and i'm sure it will be easy for DEA and immigration to find your sorry Bottom and ship you back to Jamaica, so you can smoke all crack and weed till you OD. Will you just emphatically shut up you silly son of a Dam! I hate it when buddies who are supposed to be bright and smart are busy showing low levels of mental reasoning? It's either the gurl is high for dating you or you're high this beautiful afterrnoon.

Smoking weed doesn't make you a ganster, you silly bitchy chump! Naija girls, blunt on that buddha but not to the extreme. Me, I'm a real weed smoker but they are all now into some heavy shitt that personally I've never and will never try. It makes me feel good and I do it "only" weekends when I want to chill out.

I’ve dated the late 20’s chick who had the college degree and full-time job.

I dated the college chick with all sorts of innocence that came from a really good upbringing.

Last year I wrote about why so few white men marry black women.

I said that it came down to racism: white men do not want to have black children. Over the past several nights it has got over a hundred comments from white men who object to me calling them racists – fair enough – but then fill their comments with the most rank stereotypes about black women and black people in general! But then in the meantime I read the Columbia study about race and dating.

This has happened with about four different naija chicks! F**k them Naija chicks who trying to come pollute my place with those white heroine shitt. I got them arraigned because you can't touch that stuff without paying. I take my weed responsibly but these girls, godamnn it, it's on daily basis. Now my question is, is this peculiar just to Nigerian girls?

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