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We think toilet paper emergencies are the worst kind of emergencies, so we set up 24 roll and 48 roll subscriptions so that you will never run out of toilet paper again!

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show more A video message from Santa Claus that contains a uniquely personalised message, addressed directly to your children, parents, friends or colleagues, is an amazing gift that is bound to be considered a highly thoughtful and remarkably different present.

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As a child gets older, comments from classmates who know too much can plant a seed of holiday doubt in their mind.

But, for parents, a visit to the app store or a bit of Photoshop creativity can be just the thing to help restore their little one's belief in the man in the red suit.

It saves on trees, water and landfill which means you’re doing your bit to help keep our planet great.

Be Good for Your Bum We don’t use any chlorine, inks, dyes or weird perfumes in our toilet paper.

That’s how much we’ve donated so far to help build toilets in developing countries.

It’s a lot, but there are still 2.4 billion people without a loo.

Our personal, free Santa video are available for every situation imaginable and they are incredibly easy to order and create once you know exactly what you want!

Whether you run your own company and you are looking to send a Santa Claus greeting video to your hard working team of employees to show them your more humorous side at this special time of year, or you are a teacher who would like us to create a video from Santa Claus for kids at a school you work at in order to thank them for being good little students and always paying attention when you speak to them.

This year, TODAY talked to crafty parents, enterprising app creators and professional Santa trackers to find out the best ways to keep Christmas magic going in your home for years to come. NORAD Santa Tracker For more than 60 years, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa's whereabouts on Christmas Eve using a myriad of data collection tools, ranging from satellites to jet fighters.

The 2016 NORAD Tracks Santa website and apps will go live on December 1, offering a Christmas countdown, games and other activities, in addition to NORAD's iconic reports on Santa's travels come December 24.

Regional VIC orders are delivered every Tuesday and Friday.

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