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You can probably remember it portrayed in films like American Pie 1 and 2, where 'stiffler's mom' turned out to be the hot older women who was interested in seducing younger men - but there must have been more in it then just it's moment on the silver screen as there are thousands of people now trying, and taking part in granny dating.

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On your left, the New York-Susquehanna & Western once ran along the river, carrying passengers, freight and milk from local farms.

It passed through Dunnfield and crossed the river about a mile ahead.

As you enter the Water Gap beyond the bridge, on the right are about a dozen old cellar holes, all that remains of the forgotten hamlet of Browning or Browntown.

The folks residing here were associated with an old slate quarry farther back in the mountain, and one of the first volunteers for duty in the Civil War lived here.

Today the old railbed is used as the Karamac hiking trail.

Past the light, the single-lane road seems to hang from the edge of the cliff, indicating how difficult travel once was around the mountain.Yet again there are whispers about damming the Delaware.Still, the road's natural beauty and solitude make for a beautiful drive along its accessible portions.Compatibility is only one way to view a relationship and it's a bit traditional for our taste, fitting interests together is much more exciting and rewarding we believe.That's why we promote our dating services to younger men who are looking for a more experienced mature women, a younger man who also doesn't mind or is even glad to not be in control, allowing the woman to dominate the relationship.Likewise, we explain that our site is for women who want young boys who are perhaps not as experienced in the bedroom and want to be lead and controlled.

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