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You can enjoy anything from delicious Italian and Asian dishes to the best beef at our Steakhouse.

The Renova Spa is a sensational center where you can enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi, gym and a wide variety of body and beauty treatments so you will return from your vacation fully refreshed.

The Riu Reggae hotel's cuisine stands out for its wide array of options.

Since 1980, yearly road deaths have numbered below 700 only seven times. They report that 2008's tighter traffic laws have reduced the number of accidents.

Significantly higher fines and new vehicle-confiscation laws have got people on their toes.

Nine new mobile speed camera devices have also been purchased.

Compounding the problems of speeding and alcohol, very few Lithuanian adults wear seat belts.Gircys thinks this is much too lenient and looks to other European countries for new measures."I've heard of schemes in the Netherlands and Finland where the size of the fine is proportional to the offender's income.The Riu Reggae is a 5-star hotel in Montego Bay with more than 400 fully equipped rooms, offering its guests maximum comfort.Every room has free Wi-Fi, a minibar, air conditioning and satellite television, as well as many other services.Furthermore, to ensure our guests enjoy their entire day, we have an activities program, with both day time and night time activities, in which our shows and live music are the big attractions.

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