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I am crushed by what I see happening; I'm one of the victims of this isolation and it IS depressing.I don't dare knock on a friend's door anymore because they are "busy" it seems and don't want to just converse over coffee.Here, I would never dream of doing such a thing and would be quite surprised if someone knocked on my door unexpectedly. Steve Mason PT Blogger I agree with Mason's comment entirely, but there is one nefarious change: people don't WANT you knocking on their door.

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We all I think orginally the theatre, movies used to be an outlet for people to gather together to take away from social isolation when it was a destination, ie, movie houses to engage in entertainment during war times and the larger depression, but since home has taken over, there is no need to go to the movies.

It has become costly, there is too much more offered at home where it is now more comfortable from inclement weather, etc.

People have smaller families now and the burden of working two jobs takes away the chance of having any down time.

When people do have down time, they want to be at home.

Men dont like women anymore, and women dont know who to trust.

People often hear about the hazards of overeating, a sedentary lifestyle and various form of substance abuse but most have no idea that a lack of social contact can be at least as hazardous to one's mental/physical health.The best research confirms it: Americans are now perilously isolated.In a recent comprehensive study by scientists at Duke University, researchers have observed a sharp decline in social connectedness over the past 20 years.The sad part is that there are neighbors all around where I live but it seems socially awkward to try to incorporate a friendship and so we don't know any of them, after 2 years of living in our house.Lastly, I think this might be the key to the gun violence.We went places together, we had coffee together, we had conversations. It doesn't have anything to do with two jobs and being tired; I did that and we all did that, but we still wanted each other.

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