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The comment thread for this article is really sobering and a little scary.

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As I'd mentioned before, I was considering moving my entire personal image collection to Photos and i Cloud. I already had my personal work separated from client work in Aperture, so I exported that folder as a new Library (took overnight), then opened that in Photos (took another night). So I finally opened that “All Photos” album, selected all photos, and selected Consolidate again. Now my biggest concern is if there's enough space on the drive. I am not a power Aperture user but with nearly 200G in Aperture I am not in a rush to lose functionality.

1) Launch Photos while holding down the option key. Select the library you wish to use as your main library from the list, and then click the Choose Library button.

3) In the Photos app, select Preferences from the Photos menu. 5) The main library needs to be the System Photo Library.

The last step is to open Photos with the main library and sync all of the i Cloud images back to your Mac. Place a checkmark in the i Cloud Photo Library box.

1) Launch Photos while holding down the option key. 5) Make sure Download Originals to this Mac is selected.

If needed, click the Use as System Photo Library button.

If it’s already the System Photo Library, the button will be dimmed. 7) Place a checkmark in the i Cloud Photo Library box.

Today I checked in, and Photos seemed to be behaving, so I decided to bite the bullet and click the “Use as System Photo Library”, and enable i Cloud. Folder and organization of my photos is my main concern. I’m probably going to switch to Capture 1 from Aperture since I really like what I’ve seen in the trial version and what I’ve read on the various posts and their comment threads here.

I was immediately presented with this message: So over 101,000 images need to be consolidated, which I actually find quite interesting since according to Aperture there were only about 98,000 images in that library, but I guess it's versions as well. I will watch your tips and columns with much interest. I find it hard to take Photos seriously at this point. And they are not going into anyone’s cloud, not even Apple’s. Your hard work to provide us with useful, sometimes critical, information is much appreciated. I’m not really keen on paying additional money/month to Apple for cloud storage and I never really got into using the photo streaming feature on my i Phone and i OS.

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