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After wrestling with his feelings about income disparity, the FBI agent goes out on a limb, buying a dilapidated house at a police auction. Plus, these two living in a house that was the site of a U. Marshal raid is so very appropriate (and a truly unfortunate case of foreshadowing).It’s a gamble, but it pays off, and Brennan absolutely loves the place. WATCH: 'Bones' 200th Episode: David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel Spill Everything You Need to Know! “The 200th in the 10th” (Season 10, Episode 10)After flashing back to the start of Booth and Brennan's relationship for the 100th episode, Bones celebrated the even more elusive 200th by rewinding further, casting the couple -- and their merry Squint Squad too, with hilariously perfect results -- in an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired murder mystery.

“The Loyalty in the Lie/The Brother in the Basement” (Season 11, Episodes 1 & 2)The show’s 10th season finale, “The Next in the Last,” was written before producers knew whether or not they’d be coming back for an 11th year -- and featured Booth and Brennan stepping away from the crime-solving life as they prepared to welcome their second child.

So in the two-part season 11 opener, When charred remains turn up at the Jeffersonian, all signs point to them being Booth’s.

From their first episode together, Brennan and Booth’s dynamic was electric, and while the will-they-or-won’t-they of it all took nearly seven seasons to sort out (more if you count that they don’t actually tie the knot until season ), their relationship kept fans hooked for all 245 episodes.

We watched Brennan wrestle with her feelings as Booth looked for love, saw them lay it all on the line only to yank it back again, and finally, at long last, got to witness their happy ending.

The first time they kiss on screen is in season 3's 'The Santa in the Slush' when Caroline demands they kiss under the mistletoe in exchange for her pulling strings to get Brennan the use of the prison property trailer to spend Christmas with her father.

Technically, however, the actual first time they kissed was during their first case together which was flashbacked in the 100th episode; season 5 episode 16: 'The Parts of the Sum of the Whole'.Do you anticipate a time jump when the show returns in the fall? So, you know, I guess it’s our little smoke monster. Moving on to Angela and Hodgins: watching the finale, I was like, “She really should have been training someone to take over for her during her maternity leave.” But if you do that little time jump, you can skip over that as well. It’s not ] And hopefully we will disappoint those viewers.And the viewers who have faith that we’ll be able to take the show into new territory well, we hope we won’t disappoint them.Booth is the marrying kind as we know, and Brennan is not. So all of these issues will be dealt with in the way that they’re always dealt with — from opposite sides. After last week’s episode aired, some fans felt cheated that if there ] It will be that unique couple. Another question fans had is the significance of , which we’ve seen on clocks in the season 4 finale, the season 5 finale, and last week’s episode. It’s not like Alf has come into their lives, it’s something real.The ultimate pragmatist meets this romantic who has faith that everything will be worked out as long as you look at it the right way. We hopefully have found a way to continue what everyone loves about while really kicking it up a notch and adding a whole new set of complications now that these two people actually find themselves together. It’s just a little consistency that we try to string through the series, just [to mark] important moments: was when they slept together in the alternate reality, and was when she walked into the bedroom last week. We’re still gonna have gruesome murders and find the killer. We’ll follow their lives and follow the progression of relationships, but that’s always gonna be the backdrop against killing people. We want that to affect the show, but it’s not gonna be a show about having babies.Unsurprisingly, Brennan refuses to accept it, throwing herself back into the work and mentally cataloguing every injury her husband sustained throughout his traumatic childhood and heroic adult life in the hopes of finding something to refute a mountain of physical evidence.

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