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You’re on the river, you have the [Manayunk] towpath right there, and Main Street right there.” “You can see the influx of people coming [to Manayunk], and it’s a higher income group,” Neducsin said. Between 20, the neighborhood’s population surged nearly 29 percent, and its median household income jumped 27 percent, to ,556.

Indeed, in recent years, Manayunk has grown wealthier as its population has increased, according to U. Yet median home sale prices have not increased quite the same way that they have in other city neighborhoods in recent years.

Developers plan to create landscaped green space on the land closest to Green Lane.

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But what has been lacking in Manayunk, some say, is an influx of new housing to meet the demand of wealthier residents who have arrived in the last decade as the neighborhood has tried to shed its image as a post-college hub.

After sitting vacant for more than a decade, 1 Leverington Ave.

For now, Neducsin, the developer credited with reviving Manayunk in the 1990s, remains the owner of the land.

The plan for the sleek homes — which Neducsin said would include roof decks and underground parking garages — is quite the change for the nearly 400,000-square-foot parcel, which for more than a decade has sat overgrown and unkempt as a fierce legal battle between Neducsin and residents flared over the land’s fate.

“They are running out of spaces in the city [to build] — yet this is not the suburbs, and that is why people like living here.

Because it’s in the city.” “In Center City, this would be a million unit,” he continued, speaking about the homes planned.

And initial meetings with the Manayunk Neighborhood Council were generally positive, both sides say, a reversal from years ago when a lengthy legal battle stalled Neducsin’s initial plans to build 280 condominium units on the site.

Kevin Smith, president of the Manayunk Neighborhood Council, said the group generally supports the latest plan, despite having lingering concerns about residential building on the site — one that he said could be prone to flooding by the two bodies of water that surround it.

for decades — proposed to develop 280 dense condominium units, which would stand nearly 90 feet tall, and require hundreds of parking places. “It would have been huge; it would have changed the face of Manayunk,” Smith said. There was no hardship and no justification for the variance” that Neducsin was granted at the time.

Saying that the proposed condo complex was too dense, too tall, and too vulnerable to flooding, Manayunk’s residents fought back, appealing Neducsin’s zoning approval to Philadelphia’s Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Common Pleas Court, and the Commonwealth Court.

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