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Dr De Silva from the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Hammersmith, West London, has kept a log of the celebrity pouts his patients most want to copy and Taylor Swift topped the list.

He has identified the nine most common shapes of lips, the stars who have that shape, and how some of those lips can be improved with fillers or surgical augmentation. Dr Julian de Silva said: 'Cupid's bow can be enhanced and further defined with the use of specific amount of filler in the upper lip to enhance the natural vertical columns that lie immediately about the upper lip.

“I’ve made mistakes,” he admits after Swift’s insistence that “I don’t love the drama/It loves me” and the listener draws the immediate parallel, not of his friendship with Swift, but of how he’s arguably the only one who could understand her position in the industry.

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The filler can be used to enhance the central body of the lip giving a rounder more volumised lip.'There is a cultural fashion to have larger lips in many celebrities and younger patients in their 20s and 30s.

Literally clearing her throat (“let the games begin”) beneath that stomp-stomp-stomp electronic beat, she flips an old romantic theme on its head and emulates a more (unapologetically) lustful tone than anything from the days where her narrator leaned wistfully out of castle windows, waiting for the prince to rock up.

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied” brings to mind both Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” and Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”.

Martin and Shellback’s contribution is just as important, however.

'Upper lip volumisation with a hyaluronic acid filler is a common request for patients.

A more permanent solution can be the use of a silicone implant that will last long-term.

But for this writer it’s the idea that the press, who spent years lavishing hyperbolic praise and magnifying-glass attention on a developing artist who started her career aged 15, pushed her towards a moment where, at the height of her fame, she would become the villain.

That Right Said Fred interpolation still jars, though, and don’t Antonoff and Swift know it.

Along with their new friends, love triangle, and the fears of the camp, the trio tries their best to settle into their exciting and challenging new lives at Camp Kikiwaka. in fact the last time i watched boy meets world after seeing this remake, i was almost rooting for Cory and Topenga to break up, even if i knew the outcome, just show this new show will never have been made.

Riley is the daughter of Cory and Topanga and she goes to school with her friends Maya and Farkle and new person Lucas who Riley likes. I'm singing "oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh." Take on the world, take on the world, take on the world, take on the world, take on the... generally, Disney is full of horse dunk right now, but this one takes the award really.

, “Call It What You Want” sees producer and co-writer Jack Antonoff (Lorde, St Vincent) sample Swift’s voice and loops it for the intro to continue through the song as a separate instrument to the lead vocals.

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