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For years I have debunked the bogus claims of Islamic supremacists and their leftwing lapdogs in the media, cultural institutions, teachers, activists, etc. The origins of numerous scientific, medical and technical inventions claimed by Muslims were actually stolen from conquered peoples by Muslim invaders. Read: “1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions” Breitbart “1001 Pieces of Islamist Propaganda: Fabricated Exhibit Comes to D.

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We humorously say that it is situated "at the end of the world, left! We have long considered the preparations for the cultivation including a new irrigation system, fences, etc.

We will probably start in about a month and have opted to plant the Cortina and Barnea olive varieties which produce excellent high quality olive oil.

Firstly, this dot evolved to have a hollow centre that we see in the zero symbol today.

And secondly, it was only in India that this zero developed into a number in its own right, when Brahmagupta, an Indian astronomer, wrote a text called Brahmasphutasiddhanta in the sixth century, which is the first document to discuss zero as a number.

Rather than being used on its own, the dot was used as a ‘placeholder’ to indicate orders of magnitude in a number system – for example, the zero denoting a lack of tens in 101.

While the use of zero as a placeholder was seen in several different ancient cultures, including the Mayans, the researchers say the symbol in the Bakhshali manuscript it significant for two reasons.

Previous studies have suggested that Bakhshali manuscript dates from between the 8th and 12th century, based on the style of writing.

But the new carbon dating reveals that the manuscript, which consists of 70 fragile leaves of birch bark, is composed of material from at least three different periods.

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We inspected the sandy soil where we are planning to establish our olive grove within the next few months.

This is what has challenged me to green the deserts there, where it's not easy.

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