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With that in mind, many credit card issuers have begun sending out EMV-chip-enabled cards to people like me with letters that talk about the extra levels of security that these cards provide. We find one that looks cool, of course, and is the right size.

In June, Sam's Club became the latest to boast of its new chip-bearing card. Then he takes a few test swings, and we go pay for it.

I'm able to swipe because my new Am Ex chip card still comes with a magnetic stripe on the back. I've got the convenience of a mag stripe and the protection of a chip card. The problem is that because I swiped the card to make the purchase, the chip never came into play.

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After all, about half of the world's credit card fraud reportedly happens in the U.

S., due in large part to our preference for mag stripe cards. Say I take my little boy to the local sporting goods store to get a new baseball bat.

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This weekend, a shiny little technological marvel appeared in my mailbox. These chips -- which store your data and replace the card's traditional magnetic stripe -- make it harder for hackers to make a counterfeit copy of your credit card if they steal your account information.

It's my new-and-improved Delta Sky Miles American Express card. The chips generate a unique code for every transaction so if fraudsters steal data from a retailer, they won't be able to use that information to make future purchases.

That's when we'll begin to see just how powerful a fraud-prevention tool this technology can be.

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While most chip cards around the world are of the chip-and-PIN variety, the vast majority of chip-enabled cards produced in the U. Chase has announced it will start issuing chip-and-PIN cards later in 2014 and Target will start issuing chip-and-PIN cards in early 2015.

But it's a slow change at best, and that's a shame.

Sure, it is great that the card's chip makes it much harder to counterfeit.

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