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We use your responses to make sure we’re touching on everything you need to know and making the most of your time.If there are other ways you’d like to get information, drop People & Culture a line – we’d love to hear your thoughts on other ways to improve.- Your Specialized Teammate Success Specialist Pros The management team is very open to feedback with an almost open door policy.

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We hope to take the newsletter global soon, so that we’re truly communicating as 1 team.

Another cool thing we recently started doing is sending out surveys before and after our quarterly all-company meetings.

Very positive environment pushing creativity and innovation. Cons With such a fast past environment, it was difficult to stay on the same page with the overall vision.

Heavy financial investment back into the company to push the envelope and stay ahead of the competition. I could not figure it out, the bigger we got, the more effort it took drive and sync all divisions .

We hope this will mitigate some of the challenges you encountered while you were here.

Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your experience.

They either stop caring and survive that way, or they take it out on other people.

There is a major lack of understanding from upper management about all the work that needs to occur to put out the fires that start unnecessarily. Don't think a happy hour once a month is enough to make up for all the overwork, stress, and strain. We try hard to make sure teammates are empowered to have a good work-life balance, but also recognize that includes making your actual time at work enjoyable.

I had an extremely isolated position and barely got to work with anyone else -- only really got assignments through my art director and only got feedback through him. We pride ourselves in providing a work environment that is friendly, open and flexible – so it’s not acceptable that you felt this way during your time here and we certainly don’t want future teammates to feel like this.

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